The Alamo
Carter Burwell, John Lee Hancock
A Film by Touchstone Pictures
Conducted by Carter Burwell
Orchestrations by Carter Burwell, Sonny Kompanek
Music Preparation by Tony Finno, Booker White
Featured solos by David Weiss - Ethnic Flutes, Laura Seaton-Finn - Fiddle, Lisa Kim - Violin, Robert Rinehart - Viola, Alan Stepansky - Cello
Recorded at Right Track Studios, NYC
Soundtrack released on Hollywood Records
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Fiddle Bass Bassoon Bugle Cello Clarinet Fife Flute Folk Viola Guitar Harp Horn Oboe Percussion Piano Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin Violins Winds
Robert Rinehart First Chair
Toby Appel
Maurycy Banaszek
Irene Breslaw
Brian Chen
Junah Chung
Sally Clark
Nick Cords
David Creswell
Karen Dreyfus
Desiree Elsevier
Danielle Farina
Maureen Gallagher
Dawn Hannay
Vivek Kamath
Shmuel Katz
Natalia Lipkina
Kathryn Lockwood
Max Mandel
Ken Mirkin
Daniel Panner
Sue Pray
Tom Rosenthal
Stephanie Taylor
Cal Wiersma