John Powell
A Film by Paramount
Conducted by John Powell
Supervising Orchestrator: M.Prep:
Orchestrations by Bob Bornstein, Jeff Jones, Meg Maryatt, Dave Izzard, Kendall Rolcord, Kevin Bassinson, Joe McGuire, Vic Sagerquist, Kirby Furlong, Emmet Estren, Liz Kinnon, Sandra Garrett, Stephen Cohn
Music Preparation by orch:B.Fowler,S.Moriarty,T.McIntosh,W.Fowler,Finch
Recorded at Paramount
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Bass Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Horn Keyboard Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin
Brian Dembow First Chair
Robert Berg
Marlow Fisher
Matthew Funes
Pam Goldsmith
Keith Greene
Peter Jandula-Hudson
Darrin McCann
Victoria Miskolczy
Michael Nowak
Jim Ross
David Walther