Graeme Revell
A Film by www.varesesarabande.com
Conducted by Tim Simonec
Orchestrations by Tim Simonec
Music Preparation by Gregg Nestor and Dominic Tedesco
Featured solos by Mike Einziger - Guitar, David Russo - Synth Programmer
Recorded at Newman Stage, 20th Century Fox
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Bass Bassoon Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Horn Oboe Percussion Piano Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin
Darrin McCann First Chair
Denyse Buffum
Brian Dembow
Matthew Funes
Pam Goldsmith
Carrie Holzman-Little
Jorge Moraga
Maria Newman
Karie Prescott
Shanti Randall
Richard Rintoul
John Scanlon
Harry Shirinian
Ray Tischer
Marda Todd