Super Capers
Nathan Lanier
A Film by
Conducted by Tim Davies
Orchestrations by Austin Wintory, Chris Thomas, Nathan Lanier
Recorded at Eastwood Scoring Stage
Soundtrack released on RG Entertainment
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Bass Bassoon Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Horn Horns Horns Oboe Trombone Trumpet Vioin Viola Violin Violins
Bruce Dukov Concertmaster
Roberto Cani
Ron Clark
Sharon Cooper
Samuel Fischer
Armen Garabedian
Alan Grunfeld
Susie Hansen
Gerry Hilera
Victoria Lanier
Songa Lee
Robert Matsuda
Barbra Porter
Kathleen Robertson
Julie Rogers
Audrey Solomon
Josefina Vergara
Shalini Vijayan
John Wittenberg
Alwyn Wright