The Tuxedo
John Debney, Christophe Beck
A Film by Dreamworks
Conducted by John Debney and Pete Anthony
Orchestrations by Brad Dechter, Frank Bennett, Kevin Kleisch, Bill Boston, Rossano Galante, Pete Anthony
Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service, www.joannkanemusic.com
Recorded at Todd-AO
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Bass Bassoon Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Horn Keyboard Oboe Percussion Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin
Dennis Karmazyn First Chair
Tony Cooke
Steve Erdody
Chris Ermacoff
Todd Hemmenway
Armen Ksajikian
David Low
Dave Speltz
Sebastian Toettcher
John Walz