The Hangover
Christophe Beck
A Film by
Conducted by Mike Nowak
Orchestrations by Kevin Kliesch
Music Preparation by Jo Ann Kane Music Service
Soundtrack released on New Line Records
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Bass Cello Guitar Percussion Viola Violin
Endre Granat Concertmaster
Alyssa Park Principal Second
Eun Mee Ahn
Jackie Brand
Darius Campo
Roberto Cani
Kevin Connolly
Bruce Dukov
Tamara Hatwan
Amy Hershberger
Tiffany Hu
Natalie Leggett
Dimitrie Leivici
Serena McKinney
Helen Nightengale
Katia Popov
Rafael Rishik
Irene Sazer
Tereza Stanislav
Lisa Sutton
Sarah Thornblade
Ken Yerke