House Of Cards
James Horner
A Film by
Conducted by James Horner
Orchestrations by John Neufeld, Conrad Pope
Recorded at Columbia Scoring Stage
Soundtrack released on Intrada
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Bass Bassoon Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Keyboard Oboe Percussion Viola Violin
Richard Altenbach
Arnold Belnick
Stuart Canin
Lily Ho Chen
Bruce Dukov
Ron Folsom
Julie Gigante
Alan Grunfeld
Clayton Haslop
Karen Jones
Miran Kojian
Kathleen Lenski
Rene Mandel
Robert Matsuda
Dennis Molchan
Kenneth E. Munday
Erno Neufeld
Helen Nightengale
Anatoly Rosinsky
Haim Shtrum
Polly Sweeney
Roger Wilkie