The Right Stuff
Bill Conti
A Film by Warner Brothers
Conducted by Bill Conti
Orchestrations by Dick Hazard, Angela Morley, Loree Myers
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Arnold Belnick
Dixie Blackstone
Harry Bluestone
Jackie Brand
Stuart Canin
Norman Carr
Robert Chausow
Ron Clark
Franklyn D'Antonio
Bonnie Douglas
Henry Ferber
Ron Folsom
David Frisina
James Getzoff
Harris Goldman
Endre Granat
Clayton Haslop
Alexander R. Horvath
Anatol Kaminsky
Connie Kupka
Brian Leonard
Mary Lundquist
Joy Lyle
Constance Meyer
Sid Page
Nathan Ross
Sidney Sharp
Daniel Shindaryov
Paul Shure
Joel Soultanian
Polly Sweeney
Vickie Sylvester
Mari Tsumura
Dorothy Wade
Miwako Watanabe
Harold Wolf
Tibor Zelig