Vantage Point
Atli Írvarsson
A Film by
Conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith, Steve Bartek
Orchestrations by Bruce Fowler, Penka Kouneva, Suzette Moriarty
Music Preparation by Suzie Katayama
Featured solos by Chris Bleth - Duduk/Flutes, George Doering - Guitars/Dulcimers, Leyla Hoyle - Voice, Heitor Pereira - Guitar, Satnam Ramgotra - Tablas/Percussion, Atli Írvarsson - Trumpet
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Bass Cello
Nico Abondolo First Chair
Drew Dembowski
Oscar Hidalgo
Bruce Morgenthaler
David Parmeter
Nico Phillipon
Sue Ranney
Mike Valerio