Throw Momma From The Train
David Newman
A Film by
Conducted by David Newman
Orchestrations by David Newman
Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service, www.joannkanemusic.com
Featured solos by Billy Childs - Piano, Ralph Penland - Drums, Tony Dumas - Bass
Recorded at Evergreen Recording Studios
Soundtrack released on Intrada
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Bass Bassoon Celli Cello Clarinet Drums Flute French Horn Guitar Harp Horn Keyboard Oboe Percussion Sax/Woodwinds Trombone Trumpet Tympani Viola Violin Woodwinds
Israel Baker
Mark Baranov
Rebecca Barr
Margaret Batjer
Arnold Belnick
Dixie Blackstone
Douglas Cameron
Franklyn D'Antonio
Tristan Del
Charles Everett
Henry Ferber
Michael Ferril
Armen Garabedian
Berj Garabedian
Endre Granat
Clayton Haslop
Alexander R. Horvath
Ruth Johnson
Vanessa Kibbe
Razdan Kuyumjian
Dimitrie Leivici
Robin Lorentz
Joy Lyle
Constance Meyer
Frances Moore
Ralph Morrison
Irma Neumann
Krystyna M. Newman
Claudia Parducci
Michele Richards
Anatoly Rosinsky
Sheldon Sanov
Sidney Sharp
David Stenske
Vickie Sylvester
Alexander Treger
Charles Veal Jr.
Roger Wilkie
North Wood
Laury J. Woods
Shari Zippert