King Kong
James Newton Howard
A Film by
Conducted by Pete Anthony, Mike Nowak, Bruce Babcock
Orchestrations by Pete Anthony, Pat Russ, Brad Dechter, Jon Kull, Bruce Babcock, Frank Bennett, Conrad Pope, Bill Liston
Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service, www.joannkanemusic.com
Featured solos by Chris Bleth - Ethnic Woodwinds, Pedro Eustache - Ethnic Woodwinds
Recorded at Streisand Scoring Stage, Todd-AO Scoring Stage, Fox Scoring Stage, O'Henry Sound Studios, Cow On The Wall Studios
Soundtrack released on Decca Records
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Bass Bassoon Celli Cello Clarinet Flute Guitar Harp Horn Keyboard Oboe Percussion Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin
Brian Dembow First Chair
Miriam Granat First Chair
Bob Becker
Robert Berg
Marlow Fisher
Rick Gerding
Steve Gordon
Jennie Hansen
Max Mandel
Shawn Mann
Darrin McCann
Victoria Miskolczy
Simon Oswell
Shanti Randall
Cassandra Richburg
David Walther