John Powell
A Film by
Conducted by Pete Anthony, Don Harper, Blake Neely
Orchestrations by John Ashton Thomas, Kevin Kliesch, Dave Metzger, Randy Kerber, Brad Dechter, Germaine Franco, Jane Cornish
Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service, www.joannkanemusic.com
Featured solos by Goerge Doering - Guitar/Dulcimer, Joey Waronker - Drums, Larry Taylor - Bass/Guitar, Alex Acuna - Percussion, Lenny Castro - percussion, Luis Conte - Percussion, Brian Kilgore - Percussion, Walter Rodriquez - Percussion, Doug Petty - Piano/Organ
Recorded at Streisand Scoring Stage
Soundtrack released on Varese Sarabande
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Bass Bassoon Celli Cello Clarinet Flute Harp Horn Mandolin Oboe Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin
Bruce Dukov Concertmaster
Roger Wilkie Principal Second
Eun Mee Ahn
Rebecca Bunnell
Caroline Campbell
Darius Campo
Roberto Cani
Susan Chatman
Ron Clark
Kevin Connolly
Joel Derouin
David Ewart
Julie Gigante
Alan Grunfeld
Neel Hammond
Susie Hansen
Tamara Hatwan
Natalie Leggett
Phil Levy
Liane Mautner
Kenneth E. Munday
Helen Nightengale
Robin Olson
Sid Page
Searmi Park
Katia Popov
Kathleen Robertson
Julie Rogers
Jay Rosen
Lesa Terry
Sarah Thornblade