The Driver/The Star Chamber
Michael Small
A Film by
Conducted by Michael Small
Orchestrations by Jack Hayes, Miles Goodman, Billy May
Recorded at 20th Century Fox Sound Stage
Soundtrack released on Intrada
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Bass Bassoon Cello Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Drums Drums/Percussion Flute Fr Horn Guitar Harp Horn Keyboard Oboe Percussion Sax/Woodwinds Timpani Trombone Trombones Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin Woodwinds
Israel Baker
Arnold Belnick
Robert Chausow
Ron Clark
Herman Clebanoff
David Frisina
Debbie Sue Grossman
Kenneth E. Munday
Irma Neumann
David Newman
Jack Pepper
Jay Rosen
Nathan Ross
Sheldon Sanov
Haim Shtrum
Felix Slatkin
Joel Soultanian
Dorothy Wade
Harold Wolf